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Program Overview

The Quebec Immigrant Self-Employed Program is for the individuals who have intention and ability to become self-employed in Quebec. Beside other requirements, three crucial requirements for Quebec Self-employed persons are: –

  • Come to Québec to practice a profession or business activities
  • Make a start-up deposit at a financial institution located in the region where you intend to practice your trade or profession:
    • C$25,000 start-up deposit if you intend to practice your trade or profession outside the Montréal Metropolitan Community (MMC) area
    • C$50,000 start-up deposit if you intend to practice your trade or profession in the MMC area
  • Have minimum net assets of C$100,000 in conjunction, if applicable, with your accompanying spouse or de facto spouse, and proof of its source and lawful acquisition
  • Have at least two years of experience as a self-employed worker in the profession or trade you intend to practice in Québec
  • Obtain, by the prescribed deadline, an attestation of learning about democratic values and the Québec values. The members of your family accompanying you (your spouse of 16 years of age or older and your dependent children of 18 years of age or older) must also obtain the attestation.

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