Study in Canada

Canada offers one of the highest quality of education one can receive. 

Canadian Universities are constantly scored amongst the top Universities in the world. 

Having a strong education will lay the foundations for achieving a successful life. 

After graduating from a Canadian University, qualified applicants are eligible for a post-graduation work permit which allows them to work inside Canada. 

It is easier than ever before to get a Canadian student visa.

This is due to the fact that the Canadian government has added Pakistan to its list of countries for the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program.

To fill you in, the SDS program is a Canadian government program that speeds up the process of getting student visas for international students who wish to study in Canada.

The processing time is as low as 21 working days.

The process is also much simpler now.

Interested candidates need to meet a few requirements that the Canadian government has laid out in order for you to get your visa.

Many Pakistani students are now moving to Canada to complete their post-secondary education.

This is how the process works:

  • You find the university you are interested in.
  • You apply to get admission in that university,
  • You get the acceptance letter from that university.
  • You pay your 1-year tuition fees.
  • You acquire a Guaranteed Investment Certificate of 10,000 Canadian dollars.
  • You pass the IELTS test with at least 6.0 bands overall.

Despite the process becoming a bit more simplified, it can still be very complicated and a simple mistake can have your entire application refused. Therefore every application requires tremendous attention to detail.

We, at SUN, can help you gain admission to any Canadian University as well as process your entire application up until you land in Canada.

SUN also has agreements with many Canadian universities for your successful admission.

Through SUN, we can help you achieve this dream. We have many years of experience and can help you successfully get your student visa. This is a crucial step for those individuals seeking to study in Canada and any simple mistake can cause your entire application to be rejected. Applying for a Canadian student visa can be a very delicate task. We at SUN will ensure that your application is completed without any mistake.

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