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Sun Consulting (Pvt) Ltd. is a highly respected service consultancy firm, which has been practicing proudly and honorably since 1989.

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With more than 13,000 plus success stories over the years, SUN is one of the most successful immigration consultancy firms in Pakistan.


At Sun, integrity is indispensable to our mission. We perform with honesty and stick to the highest standards of moral and ethical values and principles through our professional behavior.

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Why Choose SUN Consulting?

Pioneers in the world of immigration, SUN has had more than 13,000 success stories over the past 30 years.

SUN Consulting has been proudly working in the immigration industry since 1989. During our time in this business, we have had tremendous success in our endeavors. This has made SUN one of the best and most respected immigration consultancy firms in Pakistan. Our services involve dealing with Canadian, Malaysian, US, Portuguese, and Japanese immigration services. We look forward to welcoming new clients and helping them settle in one of the countries we offer our services in.

Using the right immigration consultancy firm can play a vital role in facilitating your arrival to a new beginning in these countries. SUN Consulting has many highly experienced case processing managers who will ensure that your case is complete and free of all errors.

SUN Consulting is the oldest and most successful immigration consultancy firm in Pakistan.

We are your best immigration and student visa consultants to reach out to.

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