Japanese Classes

Today, Japan requires your expertise and the highest priority is being given to Software Engineers. Japan requires around One million IT professionals.

The benefits being offered by Japan include:

  1. Candidates will travel on a work visa.
  2. Medical and Educational facilities available
  3. Salaries Equivalent to that of the USA
  4. Japanese passport in five years.
  5. Our candidates will work for English speaking multi nationals located mostly in Tokyo.
  6. Opportunity to live and work in one of the worlds most advanced countries, which is also the world’s 3rd largest economy.

Japanese Classes Details

Class start date July 5TH. 2021
Program Fee Free*
Class duration Two to Three Months
Language Level N5

Japanese Classes Details

Some of the highest in demand IT Skills Scala, Python, Ruby, C++, Pearl, Swift.
Minimum experience 1 year
Degree Requirements 4 years Bachelor in IT

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