The Greece Golden Visa Program offers non-EU/EEA nationals an opportunity to obtain Greek residency by investing in real estate. Here’s a concise overview of the program, including the process, timeline, and information on dependents.

Greece Golden Visa Program Overview:

Investment Threshold: Purchase property in Greece worth at least EUR 250,000, plus additional government, legal, and processing fees.
Residency Rights: The visa grants a five-year residency permit, renewable as long as the property investment is maintained.


EU Residency: Offers residency in Greece, an EU member state, granting visa-free travel within the Schengen Area to holders.
Family Inclusion: Allows the inclusion of the investor’s spouse, dependent children up to the age of 21, and the parents of both the investor and the spouse, under the same investment.
No Minimum Stay Requirement: Residency rights without the obligation to live in Greece, providing flexibility for investors not looking to relocate immediately.
Access to Healthcare and Education: Provides access to high-quality healthcare and educational systems in Greece for the investor and their family.
Investment Opportunities: Encourages investment in the Greek real estate market, which has potential for growth and profitability.
Cultural and Geographical Appeal:
Offers the opportunity to live in a country known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and Mediterranean lifestyle.

Process Flow and Timeline:

1. Property Selection and Purchase:
Identify and purchase suitable real estate in Greece worth at least EUR 250,000. This process can vary in time, depending on property selection and purchase negotiations.
2. Gather Necessary Documentation:
Compile required documents, including a valid passport, health insurance covering stay in Greece, a clean criminal record from the country of origin, and proof of the property purchase.
3. Apply for the Golden Visa:
Submit the application along with the necessary documentation to the Greek consulate or directly in Greece if you are legally in the country.
4. Biometrics Appointment:
Once the application is submitted, schedule an appointment for biometric data collection.
5. Receipt of Residency Permit:
The processing time can vary but expect several months for the issuance of the residency permit after submitting the application and attending the biometrics appointment.

Dependents Included:

Spouse: The investor’s spouse is eligible for residency under the Golden Visa program.
Children: Dependent children up to the age of 21 are eligible for residency permits.
Parents: Both the investor’s and spouse’s parents are eligible for residency, making it an attractive option for extended family residency planning.

Pathway to Greek Citizenship:

Legal Residence:
Live in Greece for a required period with legal status, demonstrating continuous and lawful residence.
Greek Language Proficiency:
Pass a Greek language test to show adequate proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing Greek.

Our Services:

Property Selection and Purchase:
Our team assists in selecting the ideal property to meet the Golden Visa requirements. We offer a curated list of properties and facilitate the purchasing process.
Complete Paperwork Handling:
We manage all necessary paperwork related to the Golden Visa application, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.
Local Team in Athens:
Our dedicated team in Athens, Greece, works closely with clients, offering local expertise and support throughout the process.
Property Viewing Trips:
Clients have the opportunity to fly to Greece and view properties before making a purchase decision, ensuring satisfaction and confidence in their investment.
Bank Account Assistance:
We guide clients through the process of opening a bank account in Greece, a crucial step for property purchase and financial transactions.
Renewal Support:
Our services extend beyond the initial application, including assistance with all necessary renewals to maintain residency status.
With our comprehensive services, expertise in the Greek real estate market, and dedication to client success, we make obtaining Greek residency through the Golden Visa program a seamless and rewarding experience.

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