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Who We Are

Sun Consulting (Pvt) Ltd. is a highly respectful service consultancy firm, which has been practicing proudly and honorably since 1989. SUN Consulting is dedicated to professional excellence and quality service.

Welcome to a new beginning! Deciding to immigrate is a significant step in the lives of those who pursue this dream. Ensuring that this process is smooth and successful is an important part for those who wish to apply. With a strong reputation for the highest quality service, SUN Consulting is capable of fulfilling all your immigration needs. Our highly experienced immigration professionals are available to evaluate your eligibility and guide you throughout your immigration process. Our team of experienced immigration professionals assists individuals to immigrate successfully professionally and efficiently. Misunderstanding of information, lack of knowledge on the ever-changing immigration policies, or ill-prepared cases are examples of complications individuals face while applying for immigration. Our team of professionals, backed by many years of experience, will handle your case to make sure it is accurate and complete. We will ensure that it is continuously checked and updated according to the changing immigration policies accordingly. Sun’s many clients have learned that it pays to entrust your fate to the very best.