Will the CRS score go down?

If so, how much do you think it will go down?

Will the CRS score go below 400?

Questions like these are all over the internet.

People who look to immigrate to Canada are often stuck in the Express Entry pool with other applicants that have higher CRS scores.

To get invited, you either need to score higher than the last cut-off score, or you hope that the cut-off score gets lowered so your overall score matches it or goes above it.

There are many ways to increase your overall CRS score like getting a job offer, having someone from your family reside in Canada, score well in the French language test, etc.

However, these are some of the toughest ways to improve your score.

You can end up spending years to increase your score using any of these ways.

This makes people look into other options

What if the CRS score goes below 400? The last cut-off score was 471, which is quite high for a lot of people to achieve.

However, no one can accurately predict whether or not the CRS score will go up or down.

This is because the whole express entry system works based on hundreds of factors that assign scores to the profiles of applicants.

You can never have the same kinds of people apply for the program over and over again.

Different people with different backgrounds apply for the express entry program each time, making the cut-off score different for each draw.

You can check the most recent draw and previous draws to get the idea of this.

The only way to make the cut-off score go lower is when people with lower profile scores apply for the program, which is very unlikely.

However, based on the data that we have, we can assume where this number is headed.

  • There were 145,436 candidates in the Express Entry pool as of March 3, 2020. 
  • There were 21,905 candidates with a score that ranged between 451 and 600 as of March 3, 2020.

The data above shows that there are thousands of people with a score above 450, making the cut-off score greater than that number.

As mentioned earlier, all these candidates need to score lower than 400 in order for the CRS score to go down.

Even though this may seem very unlikely, we can’t be sure whether or not this might happen.

What do you plan to do to immigrate to Canada?

Do you plan to improve your CRS score? 

Or will you wait for the CRS score to go down?

In the meantime, if there’s anything you need help with related to the immigration process, feel free to reach out to us.

We, at SUN, would love to help you.