Sun Education

Sun Education Services

Who are we

Sun Consultants is an established name in Canadian immigration consultancy services. It has launched a new division, Sun Education Services, for assisting Pakistani students with admission, study visa and the subsequent setting-up in Canada, including Canadian immigration and citizenship.

Sun has agreement with many colleges and universities in Canada for counseling the aspiring Pakistani candidates, and helping them with their admission formalities.

What do we offer?

Sun offers the students aspiring to undertake studies in Canada a complete package of counseling for identifying the right courses, selecting the appropriate educational establishment, helping with the study visa formalities and eventually with the subsequent immigration and citizenship.

Sun puts at your disposal more than 20 years of experience in Canadian Immigration consultancy services to provide you a one-window service for studying, working and setting yourself in Canada.

Why study in Canada?

Being student in Canada opens up opportunities to jobs and subsequently to the immigrant status .

Students in Canada can to a large extent self-finance their living expenses in Canada, firstly with on-campus jobs and the with Off-campus jobs .

Most Canadian colleges and some universities offer certificate, diploma and degree courses with one leading to the other with accumulation of credits and each one being a qualification in itself.

Working while studying in Canada.


Canadian educational institutions provide services for helping the international students with finding first on-campus jobs which can help them partially finance their monthly expenses.


Off–campus jobs are allowed to international students through educational institutions (up to 20 hours per week and full-time during summer vacations).

Work permit and permanent residence

A completed qualification: a certificate or a diploma, an undergraduate or post-graduate degree entitles the holder to work-permit leading to permanent residence status. The minimum course duration requirement being 16 months. A work permit entitles to permanent residence certificate after one year. Its to be noted that Canadian citizens are entitled to work in United States also underĀ  North America Free Trade Area (NAFTA) agreements.

Give yourself a chance to widen your horizons and find unprecedented educational and professional opportunities in Canada.