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Study in Japan – Everything You Need to Know

March 19, 2020BY Admin

If you are looking to study in Japan, the country has opened its doors to international students who wish to study and later work there.

It was bound to happen due to the fact that no country can flourish on its own.

You need relationships throughout the world in order to grow.

Relationships between countries are not solely developed through trade, immigration plays a vital role as well. Immigration is how a country welcomes people from all backgrounds and creates a better image of itself all over the world.

To achieve this, different countries offer different programs and facilities to the people of the world.

Some offer beautiful places to explore, bringing in millions of people to the country that directly contributes to their economies.

Others, like Canada, offer programs that people from all over the world can take part in – for instance, the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program or the Express Entry Program.

By opening its doors to the world, a country gets more recognized and is more appreciated.

Japan is smart and aware of this, therefore it is taking advantage of this opportunity as being one of the leaders in the world and offering student programs to students from different countries.

If you ever wished to study in Japan and be a part of one of the largest economies worldwide, now is your time to do so.

And if you are on the edge of deciding whether or not Japan is the place for you to be, let’s look into some of the greatest achievements of Japan and where it stands.

  1. Japan is the third-largest economy in the world.
  2. Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world.
  3. Japan is the largest automobile producer in the world.
  4. Japanese GDP is 4.74 trillion, whereas Pakistan’s GDP is only 200B.
  5. Japan is one of the largest exporters for the U.S. agriculture market.
  6. Toyota, a Japanese company, is the third-largest automobile maker in the world.
  7. Japan has the lowest rate of heart disease.
  8. Only 3.6 percent of Japanese are obese.
  9. 70% of medical costs are paid by the Japanese government in Japan.
  10. Japan offers maximum scholarships for both local and international students.
  11. There are currently over 120,000 overseas Muslims and 10,000 Japanese Muslims living in Japan.
  12. There are over 90 mosques in Japan, and the number keeps on increasing.
  13. Japan’s population is getting lower due to the low birth rate, therefore, Japan wants more people in the country from other countries.
  14. Japan is one of the safest countries in the world.
  15. Japan is offering citizenship in 5 years and the Japanese passport is the most respected in the world. 

There is so much more to Japan but let’s focus on its educational sector for the sake of this article.

Educational Standards in Japan:

The education standard in Japan is one of the highest found in the world.

Japanese students are ranked first in the world of Mathematics.

They are also ranked second for scientific literacy in the world.

The country has the highest number of Nobel prize laureates throughout Asia.

Universities in Japan:

Japan has over 700 universities throughout the country.

10 of those universities are ranked in the world’s top 200 list.

The University of Tokyo continues to be the most famous university not only in Japan but worldwide as well.

It is currently ranking 24th in the list of top universities throughout the world.

And this is not the only university that ranks worldwide.

Other Japanese universities like Kyoto University and Osaka University also rank 34th and 67th respectively.

Also, there are over 100 programs offered in these universities, making it easier for students with different interests to enroll in different programs.

We at SUN can help you gain admission into the university of your choice.

The environment of Study in Japan:

Japan is known to be one of the safest places in the world, with close to zero crime rate.

Violent crimes are virtually nonexistent in Japan and are something people have even forgotten the concept of.

The country also has the most advanced healthcare system that bears 70% of your medical costs, leaving you with just 30% of the total bill.

All of this makes it easier for students to focus on nothing but studies, contributing to better scores.

This is one of many reasons Japan leads in many industries – one of which is technology.

Fees and Scholarships in Japan:

Japan’s tuition fee is nothing compared to that of the United States.

Tuition costs in the United States on average are between $25,000 – $30,000 per year but can even reach $50,000+ for some of the best institutes. Studying in Japan, however, costs only about $5,000 per year. 

Apart from this, there are hundreds of scholarship programs available at both public and private universities that you can apply for.

Also, you do not need to be a local citizen to avail these scholarship opportunities; foreign students can also avail these opportunities.

This might make you think why a lot of Pakistani students are missing out on this?

Fortunately, we know the answer to this question.

In Japan, you need to be able to speak the Japanese language – a language not a lot of Pakistanis practice.

This makes it harder for you to communicate with others in Japan.

However, please keep in mind that the medium of instruction for a master’s degree program in Japan is taught in English.

We at SUN understand this struggle, therefore, we offer you classes to learn the Japanese language before you land in Japan.

Employment in Japan:

One of the many concerns of foreign students is whether or not they may find jobs in the country they are moving to.

Fortunately, Japan is a full-employment country.

What this means is that anyone who wants a job has a job.

This also means that you can easily make money on the side while you are studying in Japan, making it easier for you to bear your monthly expenses.

And after your graduation, landing a job is easy with the world-class skills you acquire from some of the top institutes in the world.

Also, you can get a Japanese citizenship as well after living in Japan for 5 years.

Let’s sum up what Japan has for you and what we at SUN can help you with.

  • Japan is offering you both a Bachelor’s and Master’s program.
  • The duration of the Bachelor’s program is 4 years and the Master’s program is 2 years.
  • The tuition fee ranges from $5,000 to $7,000 per year.
  • The Japanese language is required to get a student visa.
  • You need to study 150 hours of the Japanese language in Pakistan – N5 level.
  • Sun offers classes to complete the N5 level.
  • Japanese student visa includes part-time work authorization.
  • Sun will assist you in obtaining part-time employment in your relevant field.
  • You can get Japanese citizenship after five years of your moving to Japan.
  • International students are also eligible for scholarships in Japan.
  • SUN can help you get a Japanese student visa.

If there’s anything else you need help with related to settling in Japan, feel free to reach out to us.

We will be glad to help.