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Japan, one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, has opened its doors for all professional and skilled workers as well as students.

Japan is very attractive for the following reasons:

  1. Japan is a full-employment economy. This means everyone who wants a job has a job.
  2. The unemployment rate in Japan is less than 3%
  3. Japan may be a busy country but it’s very well organized. It is known for its good manners and politeness.
  4. Japan is the most advanced country not only in Asia but in the whole world.
  5. Japan is known for taking hygiene seriously. This makes them one of the cleanest countries in the world.
  6. Japan is the safest country in the world, with only a 1.4% crime rate.

There is more to it but the purpose of this content is to answer: how to get Japanese citizenship?

Japanese Citizenship – How to Get it?

You can now get Japanese citizenship/ passport in only five years.

It is one of the most respected passports in the world.

Who is qualified for the above and what do they need to do?

  1. This opportunity is available for all individuals ranging from those with just a high school (12 years) diploma to individuals with a Ph.D., and anyone in between, including BA, B.Sc., B.Tech, B.Com, BBA, MBA, M.Com, M.Sc., ME and Ph.D. All engineers and IT graduates are eligible to apply.
  2. Learning the Japanese language N5 level, (150 hours) is required to qualify for a Japanese student visa to further study the Japanese language whilst in Japan. Sun will assist you through this entire process.
  3. Upon arrival in Japan, increase your knowledge of the Japanese language by attaining N4 level (additional 150 hours) to obtain a full-time job in your field. Some occupations will require more knowledge of the Japanese language to obtain a full-time job.
  4. During your language studies, you are allowed to work part-time (28 hours/ week) from the day you arrive in Japan. Sun will assist in obtaining interviews for a part-time job during your language studies. Salaries range from USD $9 to $15 per hour. As stated earlier, Japan is a full-employment economy.
  5. Work full-time after increasing your knowledge of the Japanese language to the required level of your occupation. Sun will assist you in obtaining full-time work.
  6. As previously stated, all professionals, skilled workers, and students are qualified to take advantage of this opportunity. However, the following occupations are in very high demand: IT professionals and Medical Nurses.

FAQs for Japanese Citizenship / Employment Visa:

  • How will I learn the N5 Japanese language in Pakistan?
    • You can study the Japanese language for 150 hours to attain the N5 Level at SUN.
  • Please tell us about the Japanese language instructors.
    • The government of Japan has provided us with 4 qualified and highly experienced Japanese language instructors.
  • How long does it take to complete the N5 Japanese language held in Pakistan?
    • Depending upon a person’s educational and age backgrounds, one is required to study 150 hours to complete the N5 level. The sooner you complete the 150 hours, the earlier you complete the N5 level.
  • How long does it take for a candidate to land in Japan on an employment visa after completing 150 hours in Pakistan?
    • Approximately 60 days.
  • What type of work will I be doing in Japan?
    • Japan is a full-employment economy. Meaning everyone who wishes to work has a job. High demand for I.T. graduates, nurses, skilled workers, and many others.
  • Can I change my employer?
    • Absolutely, yes.
  • Does Sun assist you in finding full-time employment in Japan?
    • Yes, especially if you are an I.T. graduate, a nurse, or a skilled worker.
  • What is the Japanese citizenship/ passport requirement?
    • After 5 years of residency in Japan, you are eligible to apply for Japanese citizenship/ passport.
    • The language requirement for citizenship is equal to a seven-year-old Japanese citizen with a grade 2 knowledge level of the Japanese language.
  • What if I have more queries?
    • Please send us an email/ call or meet in person at our office in Karachi. Additionally, our senior executives visit all major and secondary cities in Pakistan and will be happy to meet with you in person. We highly encourage personal meetings.
  • What is the visa requirement?
    • Basic Japanese Language Certificate (N5) is a must.
  • What is the visa processing time?
    • 2 weeks after receiving your admission.
  • Who can apply for Japanese Citizenship?
    • You are eligible to apply for Japanese citizenship after residing in Japan for a total period of 5 years.
  • Can I apply with my spouse for Japanese Citizenship?
    • Yes.

Summary of Value Additions from SUN CONSULTING:

  1. SUN will assist you in meeting the Japanese Language requirement (N5 level) taught by a Japanese government provided, and approved, instructor.
  2. SUN will also provide an online language class facility to attain the N5 Level.
  3. SUN will provide the necessary cultural knowledge recommended to settle and work in your field in Japan.
  4. Upon arriving in Japan, you will be assisted with housing requirements on a sharing basis (if preferred). We can help reduce your living expenses by offering sharing possibilities.

SUN has been in the immigration business since 1989 and to date, has assisted over 14,000 individuals and families. We wish to bring our rich experience for your successful settlement, which leads towards Japanese citizenship in five years from the date of your landing.