If you are wondering how to immigrate to Canada without a job offer, there is a way.

In fact, there are many ways you can immigrate to Canada even when you don’t have a job offer from many of the opportunities that exist in Canada.

Also, what we’ve seen so far is that you can’t get a job offer when you don’t have a Canadian visa.

So anyone questioning whether a job offer is required to immigrate is asking the wrong question.

Instead, what you should be looking into are the channels that you can use to successfully land in Canada.

This is what this article is for – this is where we try to answer all your questions to help you understand the process.

How to Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer

If you are not happy with your current residence and are looking for something better, something that can increase your level of satisfaction and quality of life, then Canada is the best place to be in.

Canada offers a vast variety of programs that are not only interesting but also trending. Most of what they offer is related to the fields that the world needs at the moment. Artificial Intelligence, for instance, is one such field.

You will not find yourself struggling, doing outdated work, if you ever land in Canada.

But to live there, you need to go through a process; you need to obtain a lot of information in order to immigrate to Canada. We can help with this process as well. 

To do that, there are three main roads:

  1. Federal Express Entry System
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)
  3. Study

Let’s start with the first one called Federal Express Entry System.

Canada wants skilled people from all over the world to contribute to its economy.

To check whether you qualify or not, Canada has created a system that is based on points.

You get points for each of the categories listed below:

Age: The system takes into consideration the age of the applicant to check whether or not the applicant qualifies. It ranges from 18 to 35 in most cases. Given the competitive nature of the system today, age matters a lot today so do not wait! 

Education: Education is another area that gets you points. The lowest education required is a bachelor’s in most cases.

Work Experience: Work experience is needed to check whether you’ve been practicing in your field of work or not. This gives an idea of your work ethic and if you’d work in Canada or not. Usually, if you’ve not been working in your home country for years, chances of you working in any other country are also less. Canada doesn’t want people like that, hence the age factor.

Language Proficiency: You need to pass the language proficiency tests to earn points. These tests are required to make sure your settlement in Canada is easy.

Adaptability: If you have past experience of working in Canada or you have lived there, then you can earn additional points. 

Arranged Employment: If you’ve received a job offer already, then you earn more points 

When you get your overall score after adding all your points, you check it against the last draw and compare it with the score of the lowest candidate selected. If you are near that figure, then your chances to immigrate are significant. 

The higher your score, the more the chances to get invited to Canada.

However, if your score isn’t high enough to get invited using Federal Express Entry System, there’s another way to immigrate to Canada without a job offer.

That is using Provincial Nominee Programs or PNPs.

What this basically means is that there are provinces in Canada that look for interested applicants and nominate them for permanent residence in Canada.

Each province has its own requirements that you need to meet in order for them to be interested in nominating you.

Another way is to study in Canada.

Doing so will give you a 3 years work permit after graduation.

It is easier than ever before to study in Canada as a Pakistani, thanks to the SDS program.

Which way would you prefer?

The Federal Express Entry System?

The Provincial Nominee Program?

Going as a student?

Regardless of the way you choose, we at Sun can help.

We can help you throughout the entire process up until you successfully land in Canada.