If you are wondering how to get a visa for Japan as a Pakistani Citizen, then this guide should answer all your questions.

Before we start, we want to give you some information about Japan.

The country of Japan is an island nation located in Eastern Asia.  

Japan is the world’s third-largest economy.

The unemployment rate in Japan is around 2.5%, this translates to Japan being a full full-employment economy, meaning that anyone who wants a job has a job. This unemployment rate is lower than that of the United States and Canada.

Japan has also given birth to 19 Nobel Laureates. 

Japan is also one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.

To get an idea of their innovation, look at their Robotics industry. Japan is the world’s leading country with the world’s most advanced robots. They created them not just for their own country, but for the whole world. 

Apart from its willingness to thrive in global industries, Japan also has a literacy rate of 99%. This means that 99% of their population is considered literate.

These aspects make a huge difference and contribute to the country’s economy.

Which is why you might be interested in moving to Japan.

If that is the case, we have to ask you a question.

What is your purpose in moving to Japan?

Are you looking to visit Japan to get a feel for the country?

Are you looking to study in Japan and learn more about their language and culture?

Are you looking to settle in Japan to find work and improve your life?

When you have your answer, only then can you look into the right type of visa as there are numerous types of Japanese visas available for Pakistanis.

With that said, let’s look into sharing more of those to get the idea.

Japan Visit Visa from Pakistan:

The very first type of Japanese visa for Pakistanis is the visit visa.

The idea of which is simple: you plan to visit Japan for a specific time period and will return to your homeland before the expiration of your visa.

To get a Japanese visit visa from Pakistan, you usually need these documents to avail it:

Visa Application Form: This is a complete application form filled for Japan.

Passport Photo: A passport-sized photo that should not be older than 6 months.

Passport: A passport that is valid for at least 6 more months before travel.

Travel Itinerary: Flight confirmations.

Hotel Bookings: A confirmation of your hotel booked for the duration of your visit.

Bank Statements: Your most recent monthly bank statements.

Tax Returns: Your income tax returns for the current year.

Note: These are the usual documents that are required for acquiring a visit visa to Japan from Pakistan. You may be asked to provide additional documents in case of any new rule introduced or due to the requirements of any firm you are applying through.

When you have all these documents, it is easier for you to get your visit visa that usually expires in 90 days.

Unfortunately, we at Sun, do not offer visit visa related services for Japan.

Japan Citizenship Visa from Pakistan:

Even though Sun does not offer visit visa services for Japan, we have bigger plans for the people of Pakistan.

We wish to target those looking to settle in Japan to immensely improve their lifestyle and be successful. Japan has announced that they are willing to take people from Pakistan who can contribute to the Japanese economy.

This means that you now have a chance to acquire a bright future in Japan, and Sun is here to help with that.

Also, after your arrival in Japan, you are granted citizenship as well if you live there for 5 years.

To do that, to settle in Japan, you can choose between 2 types of visas that Sun offers:

  1. Work Visa
  2. Student Visa

Both of these visas lead to citizenship in Japan, which is why we focus more on these types.

Yes, regardless of whether you opt for a work visa or student visa, you will eventually get the citizenship status over time.

If you are looking to choose the work visa route, you are required to learn the Japanese language.

This is crucial for you to be able to communicate in Japan.

The same is the case with the student visa route; you need to be able to speak the Japanese language to get the visa.

The Japanese language has 5 levels ranging from N5 to N1. N5 is considered to be the most basic level of Japanese whereas N1 is considered to be fluent Japanese. The N5 level is required to be learned here in Karachi before the approval of your work or student visa. 

We at Sun can help you learn the Japanese N5 level as we have specialized Japanese government-sponsored instructors.

In the end, it all comes down to what you plan to do in Japan in order to decide which visa to get.

If you are looking to travel to Japan for a short period of time, a visit visa works for you.

If you plan to settle in Japan, a work visa or a student visa makes more sense.